The Easy Way to Pay

Spend less time managing and paying your bills today!

Never forget to pay a bill

KUBRA EZ-PAY gives you the convenience of Smart Reminders that can notify you via text or email that a payment is due and even allows you to make that payment instantly

Wherever, whenever

KUBRA EZ-PAY gives you the convenience of paying your bill from any mobile device, tablet or desktop through the web or mobile app

Choose how to pay

With support for credit and debit card, bank account, and even paying with cash, KUBRA EZ-PAY makes sure you have options when it counts.

Instant updates

KUBRA EZ-PAY is an authorized payment provider for your biller which allows them to instantly confirm your payment and avoid the normal 24-48 hour delays from other payment options

Manage your Account

Creating an account makes staying on top of your bills easy and convenient.  You don't need your bill or even your wallet, with KUBRA EZ-PAY it’s all at your finger tips and ready when you are